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Our purpose is to introduce 100% vegan, non-toxic, and performance driven curly hair products to salons and the curly hair industry, all while giving back to those in need in the Caribbean. We only use high quality ingredients proven to hydrate, define, and promote hair growth. 


When you care for what you feed your hair, it grows and glows naturally! This is something I believe in with all aspects of Self-Care. My Dominican mother has ingrained the importance of natural beauty and health within me. She has owned a salon and spa located in Miami for over 16 years. By the time I was 14 I was put to work as a receptionist at the salon, which at the time I didn’t know was a huge blessing. Not only was I able to learn about responsibility at a young age, but I was able to gain professional knowledge of the beauty industry by attending beauty seminars, shows, and certification classes. What stood out the most while attending these professional beauty events was the uncertainty of how to care for curly hair. I would sign up strictly for all curly hair courses, just to figure out how to care for my poofy hair. I noticed that all professional hair care educators had completely different beliefs and techniques on curly hair care. I spent my days after that researching and experimenting different techniques, and purchasing every curly product our salon distributors/reps would offer.


Fast forward a few years, the curly hair industry and community has grown significantly. However, I still cannot help but notice salon professionals are not being introduced to natural and vegan curly hair products. In 2018, I got a beautiful haircut at a salon up north, I asked her to please apply a vegan and natural product and she responded with “if it’s natural it won’t perform great and I’m not sure what product I have that are vegan.” This had me thinking, how difficult is it for vegans to get their hair done..


A few months later, I graduated college and really had an urge to contribute towards my mothers salon. We wanted to represent our mission, which was to grow into a fully natural business. Keeping my curls natural and healthy is what I cared for the most, so it only made sense to go in the direction of my passion.


This is when Glocurl was born! I teamed up with an experienced formulator located in Miami. With my passion and his expertise we brought Glocurl in fruition. I had no idea it was going to take way over two years to finalize an 100% vegan curl defining cream formula, but I enjoyed the entire trial and error process.


Glocurl Curl Defining Cream is meant to simplify ones curly hair routine. The water-based cream moisturizes and defines all-in-one! While my cleanser and conditioner are in the works, I am so grateful for everyones love and support of my natural curl cream. Being from Dominican Republic, I felt the calling to give back as well, so for every purchase 5% of proceeds will be donated to the Caribbean! 

Love and blessings,




Glo and her mom at professional beauty seminars
GG Salon and Spa team
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